University Journal

First day of my new  wesite. Over the next few weeks I’ll be building it and the purpose of this blog is to record my progress for my Profession Studies at University of Glamorgan

Today I am looking at mindmaps and have worked on  a  smartdraw  one but after having completed my map and saved it there was a huge smartdraw watermark over my work so I couldn’t use it.

Next I tried thebrain but it appeared much too complicated for what I wanted so I soon left the site.

I had a quick look at spicynode but rejected that for being too funky – not the clean cut look I want.

Fourth time lucky with novamind as it seemed more straightforward. I quickly made my mindmap.

But I thought I’d inserted links to the sites but they haven’t come up so that’s something to investigate.

(That which is written in red is a reminder to me that I need to address an issue – as a result these comments may now be redundant)

I’m struggling to add pages to my parent pages, at the moment they are not showing up so I may have to use a different template to this one which is  ‘Vigilance’.

I want one that is clear without anything to distract the eye so no colours. This is because I’m working in monotone in my studio practice. Maybe when my work changes I’ll want to alter the look of my website. I want it to be easy to navigate from page to page so the reader can find their way around without to-ing and fro-ing from one part to another.


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