The beginning of the end

At the weekend I submitted the draft of my essay and now I feel I can begin to concerntrate on my studio practise which has been long neglected. Having said that I committed to knit a piece a day as from 1st January and I’ve done so. The size of them is dependant on to how much time I have but it averages about 1 – 2 hours per piece. Sometimes I choose the stitch in response to what has come up during the day and other times I visited fellow students’ studio spaces and asked them to pick a stitch. Often it reflects their work but maybe only I can see that! Each piece is labelled with a brown luggage label detailing the date, stitch and why it was chosen. Not only do I have this reminder but also the piece itself holds the memories of where I knitted it, how I was feeling and other intangibles. I like to think that the essence of my day has been intertwined with the yarn.

After my tutorial on Friday I have been spurred on to get on with my making. Firstly I need to pin down my ideas as at the moment they are all drifting around in my head so tomorrow I will be starting my life map. I have researched several artists who have made maps.


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