Now I have to get down to it

Today I managed a great deal of displacement activity so I didn’t have to sit down and really plan my final piece of work. I tidied away bundles of fabrics into vacuum bags, I did some more ‘research’, that is looking at many different websites just in case I came across something useful. I received a post card from Canada so google mapped where the lady lives. I took photos of a sewing machine I had been given but want to get rid of. They were posted on freecycle and soon I had several offers to take the machine off my hands. Then my two ebay items arrived; one is a sugar mouse mould (can be used for cakes, ice cubes, chocolate etc) and the other is something I’ve fallen in love with. A circular needle but the ends are made out of bamboo. It’s so comfortable to hold and the yarn slides beautifully across as I knit. Although I have a huge stash of needles I’m tempted to buy some more in different sizes and needle gauges. Come lunchtime I had run out of ‘must do’ things and out came my pens, pencils and brain. I’ve come up with one idea which involved many calculations as to how wide and how long my knitting should be. I was heartened to discover I achieved the same result by doing the maths in two different ways.

No reason to choose Pilsner Pleating for my stitch today – the name reminded me of larger, (not the Czech town), which I rarely drink and when I do it’s when I’m on holiday in the sun. Maybe that’s why I chose it – to transport me away from the grey skies here.

Lapse of concentration towards the end – I wasn’t looking what I was doing and went on knitting without checking the pattern. There I was, thinking I knew where I was going only to find when I’d got to the end it was incorrect! Hope this isn’t indicative of my final piece!


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