The whole ten yards

I’ve decided to sew all my daily pieces onto a background cloth. This is for three reasons:-

1) They will show up much better against a dark background

2) They will look much neater as the ends will be sewn down so not curling

3) They will be easier to transport

I’ve found a large piece of dark brown smooth weave woollen fabric which will be perfect. I need to have a baton attached at the top and the bottom so it hangs well.

A bit out of season today  with my knitting as the stitch is called dandelion clock. No sign of any of the cheery flowers yet – everything under a sodden grey sky – all colour washed out.

I’ve done the actual formation of this stitch before, purling 3 together, knitting into the same stitch once and purling once again to re-make the three stitches but it was done across the whole row.

I also knitted a piece 10 stitches by 10 feet in stockingette – will use it to make a maquette in order to see how I could display my final piece – still undecided!


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