A surprise deadline

At the group meeting this morning we were told that we had to make a presentation about our work and were given two dates, one two weeks away and one three weeks. I went for the sooner one as I want to get it out of the way and have feed back about my work. It will really focus me and ensure I consolidate my ideas. Already I’ve planned to film my walk in the park – well a friend of mine will be doing the filming as I will be leaving a trail of yarn. That means I have to make sure I’ve my 30 balls at the ready so a visit to the shop today to buy them. After the initial panic of being given a deadline I settled down in Steve’s studio space to do my knitting. He’s been taking paper casts of rock formations and is investigating alternative methods of colouring them other than paint. He also introduced me (via the Internet!) to the works of Anselm Keifer so we had a good discussion about him.

When I asked Steve to choose a stitch he was drawn to this one, open mullions, as he said ‘It’s random’

It was very quick to knit as it is basically stocking stitch but with made and dropped stitches along the way.

Here we are chatting away, me sitting in a very uncomfortable chair.

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