e bay to the rescue!

A frustrating morning. After working out what I’m knitting next I’ve been thinking about what I can use as a substructure. Clear plastic piping went out of the window due to cost but I found some flexible aluminium hose (used for air conditioning) which seems ideal. I raced off to the builders’ merchant only to find it was wholesale only so I couldn’t buy it. But in the afternoon looked on e bay and there it was and much cheaper!
That’s been ordered so hopefully will arrive later in the week.

However, I was able to buy the entire stock of cotton yarn from Shaws, 25 balls. That brings my total to 30, including the ones I’ve already purchased, which is just the right number for my walk around the park. I also bought 3 meters of bright red felt. I’ll be sewing my daily pieces onto this over this coming week. I chose red in remembrance of my Granny – for some reason she insisted I wore a piece of red flannel cloth between my vest and liberty bodice in the winter – more often than not these were hand knitted vests. 

I’m still on an Aran theme – maybe because the patterns are so textual and I’m reading around the subject. I came across this one and it reminded me of hearts. As my heart is full of joy at the moment it seems appropriate so I’ll call it filled heart.

These scanned images don’t do my work justice – hopefully it’ll look much better once properly displayed.


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