Best laid plans of mice and men

Today I started my next project.  It entailed unwinding sufficient yarn to circumnavigate the park, re winding it then knitting it up over the next couple of weeks. The journey round the park is a metaphor for the journey of my life and the detritus picked up by the yarn a metaphor for the emotional detritus collected during my life. A friend and I set off in the drizzle, I was loaded with the 30 balls of yarn necessary to trail behind me. To start with it was difficult to unwind the yarn whilst pulling my trolley full of the yet to be used yarn. My friend was filming me as I went along. It took us about 90 minutes to go half way round. Some people were interested and looked, some just walked on by without a second glance and some stopped to ask what we were doing. It was a lovely way to meet people, one or two understood what I was doing and others shrugged.

By 1.30 I was ready for a cuppa and food so we went into the park cafe for a bite. When I came out my yarn had disappeared! I was distraught – all my work gone! What was I do to – full of mixed emotions, anger, frustration, despair. But then I realised that this is the sort of thing that happens in life. I’d carefully made all these plans, evenings of calculating how much yarn I needed, the shape my knitting could take, the hours I needed to set aside to knit it up – shattered.

I raced across the other side of the park to see if all the yarn had gone and then spotted the thread! Some of it had disappeared but I was able to wind up several of the balls. One section was particularly difficult as the cotton must have caught on something and there was great resistance causing tension on the thread. Another part was covered in mud, very wet and dirty, turning the ecru dark brown. As I continued to wind up my trail I saw two park wardens coming towards me. Oh dear, I braced myself for a telling off but I don’t think they knew what to say to me – it was very awkward at the start of the conversation but 10 minutes later they had handed me all the yarn they had collected, wound round found sticks, and Edmundo showed me an image of a carving he’s doing. Yes, exchange of names and handshaking – all very amicable!

Not quite how I planned it but it all turned out for the best in the end. The rain was more persistent, I was tired after my emotional outburst, but due to the wardens winding up my yarn it meant we could come home earlier.

Now the yarn is sitting on my radiator drying out, ready to be knitted. In the meantime I have worked my daily piece. Its another really dense one, called herringbone. I needed to do a simple, as in mindless, stitch and this one is but is a very physical one as lots of needle manoeuvring.

With a sneaky view of Jophus’s paw.


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