All off centre

I don’t know why but not feeling too good today. Whether it was the experience of the trauma of yesterday or knowing that I’ve got to make that final push for my essay I’m not sure.

Once more I scoured my essay for comma, full stops, ” and ‘ marks being in the correct place, once more checking that italics had been used when necessary, once more read it for words that had been spelt right but were the wrong words such as weather instead of whether and I found mistakes for all of these points.

Likewise I thought my knitting was straight and perfect. I decided on a stitch to open my mood, lace blocks but when I cast off the piece took its own form and switched from a rectangle into a lozenge shape. All I could do was go with it – something I should do with my mood.

I then started knitting my life piece – 35 stitches on a circular needle 10 yards long.  I expect I’ll come to know the piece very intimately, loving and hating it at times.


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