The glaring mistake

Into uni to hand in my essay. I felt very nervous printing it out, checking and double checking I’d selected the correct pages to be black & white pages and coloured where necessary. Queued up to have the three copies bound and took them back to my studio space with such a feeling of anti-climax. Some one wanted to see how I’d had them bound so showed her and there it was !  The glaring mistake! I’d left the front cover page at the end of the second copy instead of putting it on top of the third copy. I was in such a state but Laura was lovely, giving me a hug and pointing out it could soon be rectified. Up to the library to print out another set of pages, back into the shop to have it bound. Of course she was right – a matter of minutes all was well again and I was able to hand in my copies.

On Friday lunchtimes I go to a meditation session but it was such a struggle today. I kept imagining all my pages were in the wrong order, that I should have persevered more with the writing, that it was full of errors. Apparently this way of thinking is quite common – I have to let it go. There is nothing I can do about it now.

But it left me all out of sorts and when it came to my knitting, all I could see was rows and rows of words. The stitch is called Quaker rows – I did feel a little calmer as I was finishing it.

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