Time to think of other things

First weekend when I don’t have to think about writing my essay – you see, I’m still talking about it but until I hand it in electronically it’s still to the forefront of my mind.  Hopefully I’ll have more time to get to grips with my workbook as I feel that’s been neglected. Do some more research. I’m still reading around the history of knitting and see in Alice Starmore’s book Aran Knitting she too agrees with Rutt about the non history of Aran patterns. She goes on to say that she has designed several herself which have become mythologised by other authors.

On the theme of Aran knitting I’ve gone for a design that is used a lot, twisted cable rib. It’s a very easy stitch as the ‘cable’ bit is just a slipped stitched passed over two knitted stitches.


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