Visit to Bristol

Today I caught the train to Bristol then walked to Spike Island to see a couple of exhibitions. I was handed an 6 sided A4 brochure before entering the gallery and I’m not sure if I’d taken the time to read it before going in if it would have helped me appreciate the art. The first exhibition I visited was by Haroon Mizra and I was very impressed by the first room, I walked into total blackness then slowly, slowly a circular light came on from above accompanied by an abstract sound. The light revealed that the room was covered on all surfaces with triangular foam rubber shapes, all precisely cut and arranged.

I spent several minutes in the room as was fascinated by the acoustics and the materials used but unfortunately the rest of the work left me feeling flat.

Think its more for sound artists as I couldn’t appreciate the aesthetics of the installations.

Leaving that part of the gallery I went to look at the work by Susanne Mooney and again was disappointed. Although I appreciate the technicalities of her work it left me with a feeling of coldness and being impersonal. Maybe because I’m so self-absorbed with my own work, which is very personal the difference is even more marked.

The photographs are swamped by the white gallery walls and I was unable to find a relationship between some of the placing of the images.

Andy Holden’s exhibition caught my attention. He has taken some stones from Cookham churchyard and using steel, foam and knitted yarn replicates then on a huge scale. I like the use of mathematics and the fabric gives the stones a lichen like texture a swell as imitating the strata of the rock. This image is from Tate Britain.

I then walked to Arnolfini and after a lovely lunch took a stroll round the galleries. Maybe I wasn’t in the mood as I walked out of the first room after doing a quick tour round, very quick. Television screens on the floor showing flickering videos, I’m afraid I didn’t even bother finding out the artist’s name as the work didn’t capture my imagination at all. Upstairs was a little better Shipa Gupta had installed a huge cloud made from microphones and I spent times walking round listening to snatches of recorded conversations emitting from the cloud.

On the next level I engaged more with the work of Sophy Rickett. She has based her exhibition on the Severn Bore, using old photographs, original ones and parts of old text books. However I had the feeling it was more like a museum display.
My piece this evening is baby cable. And I chose it because I chose it!

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