Presentation day

At the weekly meeting in uni we were split into two groups of 6 people to give our presentation. I was the only one unable to take my work into the Project Space as it’s all stapled to the wall. Really interesting to catch up with other students’ work and see it out of their studio spaces. Everyone seemed to have a firm focus of how they wanted their work to be seen – that is everyone apart from me. It wasn’t till after lunch that I had my turn – the room was filled with students as the second group had joined us. My half hour flew by; I think I was able to explain what I was doing and the concept behind it. I stated that I didn’t know where I was going with it and several people put forward suggestions. I really need to think hard about it, I feel I’m in a rut as the pieces are becoming a similar size. The next thing I need to do is sew all the pieces onto the backing cloth and get it off the wall – maybe that’ll give me some ideas.

It’s going to take a while but hopefully something will emerge from the exercise.

As the day went well time for a bit of sweetness! Honeycomb stitch.


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