Hear no Evil

Today I saw Sacha Dillman’s final work. He’s a German student and we have our studio spaces in the same room so I was aware of his ideas but I’d no idea as to what I was to see.

Hear NO……….!?!

See NO…………!?!

Speak NO……..!?!

This is a video installation consisting of three screens on black plinths, set at eye level. By using masking tape he systematically covers his ears, eyes and mouth as a metaphor for people’s ignorance.

Here’s a little more about his work.

This afternoon I worked on my life’s journey piece – checking that it fitted the tube and to see how much more I need to do. A great deal!

I had little time to knit between coming home from uni and then going out for a drink in the evening so a quick stitch was called for. Bobble stitch was easy as the bobbles are made over three rows, not the usual one row turning and re-turning the work.


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