Nearly the end of another term

I realised today that the days are whizzing by – nearly the end of the month – nearly the end of another term. I found myself looking at MA courses as I fear I’ll have withdrawal symptoms when I finish. On the other hand I think I need to take stock and give myself a year off studying – I’ve been doing it for all but 6 years and maybe I need to look around me a little more. Several things in the pipeline – voluntary work mainly but also I want to keep up with my practice and apply for more exhibitions. I don’t feel I’ve time at the moment to see what’s about, which is stupid as in a few weeks my life will be empty!

I’ve been plodding along with my life’s journey piece of knitting – I think I may have done enough to cover the tube but until it goes on I’m not sure. In the meantime my piece today is called gulls. Simply because I was watching lunchtime TV and saw a stuffed seagull and then when I saw the stitch I had to go for it!


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