The list shortens

Slowly, slowly I’m ticking off ‘things to do’ on my list for the run up to my degree show. My statement of intent was submitted today. I’ll be marked against it so I’ve been careful to make sure I’ll be able to carry out all my intentions.

I decided to see how  I was progressing with  my knitting using the yarn I’d unwound around the park. I still have several balls left but I needed to see whether my calculations had been correct. My studio buddy helped me pull, push and generally struggle with getting the tubing covered.

At last we managed to cover the tube. I was pleased to see that my calculations were looking good as there was still a little bit to cover. 
I then took it outside as that’s where I’d like to see my work displayed. I had a play around with it – letting it take on its own form initially.

Then I began to place it into shapes and that gave me an idea of how I may show it.

But not like either of these circles – too fossil like – or even a Chelsea bun!

After this I took down my daily knittings  from my studio wall and packed them all into my trolley. Over the next week or so I’ll sew them onto the red felt and attach the labels.

I wanted to knit in someone’s studio space today but it never happened. At lunch time we had a meeting about the degree show – who was organising what. Then people began to drift away for the Easter break……..

My stitch, well it had to be twisted hoops after today’s twisting with my knitting!

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