Apologies to Myra

I had another play around with my daily pieces and think I’m there as regards to how I’m going to hang them. I need to wash and block them out first. This will be a tedious job as I will have to sort them into date order and then re-label them, I’ve well over a hundred. The sooner I start to think about what space I can have at uni to display my work the better as I need to address the lighting of it and decide whether I want sound accompanying it.

Back to Myra ( a book of patterns published  in the early 1800s) later today but I rejected the pattern and went out on my own, loosely basing my piece on the receipt in the book. I tried to follow it but several attempts were unravelled as it just didn’t make sense. It’s just small things in these old patterns which make them hard to follow, often very unspecific directions are given such as decrease 1. This can be done in several ways and is important which method is used as to whether the stitches go to the left or right.  So here is my raised leaf pattern, suitable for a counterpane.


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