A morning of exhibitions

I went to Cardiff Bay this morning to see a couple of exhibitions. The first was at Craft in the Bay. A beautifully delicate show of enamelled work made by several artists. Unfortunately I forgot my camera and there are no details on their website about it at the moment. 
After a delicious lunch at Kemi’s I went to the Millennium Centre to see Cardiff Before Cardiff and here’s the review I’ve written for my research portfolio.

Wales Millennium Centre
5th April 2012 to 27th May 2012
Curated by Jon Pountney
Keith S. Robertson and Jon Pountney
This photographic exhibition came about when Cardiff based photographer Jon Pountey discovered, during a renovation of a  music studio, hundreds of prints made in the 1980s by the photographer Keith S Robertson.  The photographs are of
residents of the west of Cardiff, a less economically well off part of the city.  Pountey was taken by the quality of the prints but had no information as to who the subjects were although he recognised some of the scenes. He set about, via a social network site, to put
names to faces and places and went about re-visiting both the people and locations in order to take his own images.
The back story gives the exhibition an added dimension as the impact of post modernism enhances the apparently simple images on display. The photographs depict the diversity of the population of the local areas, often capturing the moment rather than formal poses other photographers of the area have adopted.
The resultant 118 photographs are hung over two floors of the Millennium Centre and are a wonderful comment on society both in the 1980s and today, a reminder that everything changes yet nothing changes. Sometimes it is hard to distinguish which are the older photographs as none of the images are labelled or titled
and there appears to be no particular order in which they are hung. There is a great deal to take in and some of the photos are difficult to see due to the physicality of the building; there is a great deal of reflected light cast onto the frames.
The exhibition was a reminder to me to observe and document the every-day because often these changes pass me by without conscious recognition yet can be a wonderful source of inspiration.

Later I knitted  ’embossed vine’. I’ve not been able to get out into the garden for a while. One reason being I’m so busy with my uni work but also because it’s raining so much. A little reminder of the vines out there!


One thought on “A morning of exhibitions

  1. Thanks for taking the time to visit my show, glad you enjoyed it. There was a numbered sheet to accompany the pics but they never printed enough!

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