Life is restored

Since Sunday I’ve had no laptop as the cat jumped on it and sent it crashing
to the floor so damaging the DC imput jack – this meant my battery couldn’t be
recharged. But after a visit to the computer doctor all is well, apart from a
dent in my purse. It was like loosing a limb and made me realise how much I
depend on it and if anything had happened to the hard drive I would have been
in serious trouble. So today I’ve been backing up files, putting them on my old
slow PC.

It’s also time to seriously think about hanging my work so I washed all my
daily pieces and started blocking them onto a towel. It took me half an hour to
do two so I quickly realised it would take me 104/4 = 26 hours to tack the
whole lot. So I began to pin them on but even that was very slow. In the end I
just laid them onto the towels – 4 bath sheets, all drying flat on my living
room and workroom floor.

When dry I’ll have to put them in date order and label them – that will be a
task and a half.

I went into uni and struggled again with the covering of my hose with my life’s journey piece of knitting. I’ve used all the yarn I’d unravelled around the park and it was just the right size which gave me a sense of achievement.

As I was pulling and twisting yet again I chose broken rib with twist but luckily nothing was broken during my knitting nor when covering my hose.


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