Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside.

Thankfully the rain held off today so I was able to have a walk around Whitstable. One of the places I always visit is The Horsebridge Arts Centre where I’ve seem a wide variety of exhibitions – some excellent and others dire. The current one is by five MA Fine Art graduates and is entitled 5 Earthbound Women It’s a mixture of prints, paintings, ceramics and all of them predictably based on the experience of women. I was reminded of the impact the title has on a piece of work. I was attracted to one image but repelled by the title which related to childbirth. On leaving I was left with a feeling of disappointment as I felt the group had produced a cliched exhibition, individually the artists had produced some strong pieces – maybe it was due to the traditional manner in which it  had been curated.  It was a reminder that I need to think very carefully about my exhibition in June.

I then went into the fish market on the harbour and saw a huge container of live crabs – a prompt for my daily knitting – horseshoe crab stitch which is a cross between The name of the arts centre and the crabs.

And then the photo of me knitting my daily piece – thanks grandson!


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