Plans being made.

Two tutorials in one day! The first one was for my Research Portfolio and my tutor was able to offer very positive suggestions – I now understand the importance of this document far more than I did when I started to put it together.  I’ve been too vague in my explanations when informing the reader of how and what my practise is about. I worked on it over the day in between a meeting about the degree show, knitting in Kelly’s studio space and having my second tutorial.

Kelly chose stockinette stitch – for the name as ‘it fits in with the school uniform of the girl in my paintings.’ It also suited my mood very well as its one of the simplest stitches and my mind was still on how to display my work.

Unfortunately the little girl Kelly referred to is not in this photo but Kelly’s painting of beautiful red shoes are.

Later in the afternoon I had my second tutorial which again was productive. We discussed the difference in vertical and horizontal hangings and I’ve concluded that the vertical ones work best. I’ve decided to paint the white walls of my exhibition space a dark colour in order for the texture and shape of my work to be shown off to full advantage. I’d drawn up a rough plan of which piece will go where but my tutor suggested I might use the space in a difference manner so I’ll be working on that over the weekend. All together I feel I’m now prepared to move forward.


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