Another unsuccessful hanging

After the vertical hanging of the other day I’ve gone horizontal today. Again it took up a great deal of my time just sewing the pieces together and again I feel it’s all been in vain as it’s just not working. I know what I’ve been doing is just a rough mock-up but it’s too rough without the potential to look professional.

The pieces weren’t hanging straight as they were pulling against each other. This is in spite of my careful sewing – I think it’s all to do with the tension of each piece as some are naturally not true rectangles even after washing and blocking. This is due to how the stitches fall. So I unpicked my day and hung them separately

But wondering if they look like washing hung up. Also if I did hang the work like this I would need 152 knitting needles, so I’m about 100 short! Another factor putting me off is the physical effort required. I was reminded of the hanging of my Family Ties piece which took a whole day up a ladder. Each hanging thread had to be a precise length and every one was different.

I’m going back to my red felt backing but set the pieces out in a different way – see how that works.
Because I feel on the edge  I knitted an edging later on – Vandyke edging.


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