Bank Holiday – and a wet one

Plans for the day cancelled due to the weather so in spite of myself I’ve been writing some uni work. I really enjoy it but perversely feel guilty for doing it all the time – Bank Holidays should be a holiday.

I had a real break-through this morning. Without even thinking about it the title for my hanging was conceived  – Within a Diary for my daily pieces and Without a Map for the piece made from the yarn I’d mapped out the park with. I’m so relieved that they’ve come together.

Within a Diary   This hanging is inside and the viewer can walk within it. The labels attached indicate the diary aspect – each piece has been given the date it was made and what prompted the stitch – the viewer can read it like a diary.

Without a Map This piece is outside hence the without. It was conceived from an idea of using the park as a metaphor for my life – a map of my life – so I mapped out the park with a single strand of cotton yarn. But I realised that I had no map for my life – I have been without a map – and it had ended up in a bit of a tangle as my sculpture has.
A reminder of how long I’ve lived – my old bones – old bones stitch.


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