Hard work has paid off

Another up and down day. In the morning I searched out the technician at uni to discuss how I’m going to hang my work. It needs to be suspended from the ceiling but there are pipes, conduits, a heater and a fluorescent light strip attached to it already. I was advised what I couldn’t do – i.e. attach anything directly onto the ceiling with the suggestion I discuss it with my tutor. Luckily one was passing by as I was pondering but was informed that I’d have to talk to the person in charge of health and safety. He came and we both stared upwards for several minutes but he too was unable to suggest anything constructive. In the end I’m no further on apart from knowing what I can’t do.  It’s crucial that each piece is in a precise place and at precise height. I can do all the preparatory work for that and hope a solution will be arrived at nearer the time.

But mid morning I had an e-mail giving me the results of my essay and I was ecstatic!  All my hard work had paid off and I’m delighted with the mark. I can’t believe at the beginning of the year I was ready to drop contextual studies – I’ve done it!!

Celebration time – ring out those bells, twice over – double bell stitch.


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