Cyanotype printing

At last, after weeks of rain today is sunny so time to do my cyanotype prints. I mixed up the chemicals and coated some paper. Unfortunately I didn’t have very thick paper, or rather I couldn’t find it so I used some 100gm weight.  After the solution had dried in a darkened room I laid some of my daily pieces onto the paper and placed glass over the top. No sooner had I taken them outside the papers started to change colour.

After about 5 mins the colour had changed completely so I rinsed the papers with cold water but it was very difficult to remove the green/yellow residue. 

I think the chemicals have deteriorated some what – but on reflection they must be 5 years old as I bought them for a project I undertook in my Foundation year.

And here is a warning! Wear rubber gloves before squeezing out cyanotype soaked fabric! I used the excess from painting the paper by soaking the liquid into a cloth, Deadly  hands!

But the outcome is wonderful – I’m intrigued that the two sides are so different.

In the evening listened to a Gothic reading of a story – ‘Those who seek forgiveness’ Gothic window.


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