At last

At last I’ve had time to go into the garden and have a nose round – see what has been happening over the last few weeks in all that rain.

The blueberry flowers are all but over, just a few remaining. I should have a good crop this year – hope the sun will be about to sweeten them.

The hydrangea will soon turn to its beautiful creamy colour.

I don’t know the name of this plant but it grows in the crevices of the stone walls. I welcome the colour as I’ve neglected the garden this year so there’s not much about.

An allium flower in all its glory. I need to buy some more bulbs as this is looking a little lost with only two other companions.

Later in the day I went to my daughter’s and asked my grand-daughter to look at my library of stitches. ‘That one Granny, it’s all wibbly and wobberly’  – here is oblique stitch.

 And here we are, having one of those important chats about life.


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