Checking what I have to do

I think I’m nearly there, almost ready for my degree show at the University of Glamorgan. My portfolio is as finished as it can be. Until my work is installed I can’t take the last two images to insert. My business cards are ready in their box. The 152 knitting needles have been made. The rest of the students have done a great job with the poster – thanks ladies & gents!

All my strips consisting of 7 daily pieces are sewn up although I’ll have 2 and a bit to make before the deadline on the 31st May.

I’ve yet to put the last touches to my workbooks; remove the flaking emulsion paint from my hose and use spray paint instead and lastly work out how to suspend my work. This problem has taken over on my wittering stakes from my essay. I fretted over that for weeks and now my thoughts are constantly on the problem of the ceiling I have to use. I’m frustrated that my space won’t be ready until the 24th May whilst I see others who have all but finished installing their work as they are in different rooms.

I have no idea why ‘barred knit’ jumped out at me, maybe for its simplicity as I needed to knit a mindless stitch this evening.


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