7 hours of insanity

Last night, about 7.30, I had a great idea. I could suspend my work from a net as this would by far more flexible than battens. It overcomes the problem of the heater & lights being in the way as it can be slung under them and attached to the nearby girders. So I started knitting a net – I cast on as many stitches the 8mm needles would take which amounted to 300+. I gave up counting the odd ones after 300. Each row took me half an hour to knit as there was lots of twisting the yarn around the needles. I eventually stopped at midnight after managing the grand depth of 8 cms. In spite of being up at 5 o’clock that morning I went to bed unable to sleep. Up again early and resumed my knitting at 8.00am By the time I was ready for my mid morning coffee I measured my work  – oh dear, just 11 cms.

I stopped to calculate how long it will take me to make a net  of 360 x 360 cms to cover the ceiling of my space. My rate was about 2 cms per hour therefore would take me 180 hours. Now, bearing in mind I might speed up I’ll take that down to 160 hours. If I knitted 8 hours a day that’s 20 days!!! What was I thinking about – lack of sleep had clouded my judgement last night. The idea has been abandoned and garden netting purchased this lunchtime.

As I feel I’m burning the candle at both ends at the moment here is candle stitch.

Well, my piece of netting was long enough but look at the paltry width after hours of knitting.


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