Problem Resolved?

After posting last evening I had an e-mail from my tutor suggesting I swap my space with someone else but nothing can be resolved until the group meeting tomorrow.

In the meantime I sprayed my hose so the silver is covered and it looks a bit less like a ventilation tube. All my workbooks are written up and bound and covered – just the last few images to go into them so all up to date.

Strangely there have been parts of my day when I’ve been able to turn my attention to life after uni. Every one of my rooms is in need of a complete refurb and I’ve enjoyed looking at magazines to get ideas – very refreshing.

I wanted to sit in the garden as it was such beautiful weather so needed to choose a stitch that was easy to do – I didn’t want to have my head down following a pattern.

I selected it for its texture, not really bothering what it is called; again its uncanny how the names often fit my thoughts. It’s called false knot stitch – a little falseness crept into my life today.


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