No need to worry!

How my life is going up and down at the moment. I went into uni today and saw the technician first thing. He reassured me that my space is as on the original plan so I have no need to change. Not only that but he told me he’d started constructing a frame on which to stretch my net so I can hang my work. I was so grateful as hadn’t expected him to do this for me. Such an unasked for act of kindness really touched me.

After the meeting to ensure everyone was on track with their show I started to put my life’s journey piece of knitting onto the hose but it was just too hot so I gave up and went for a drink instead. This was such an unusual occurence for me and a relaxing experience sitting in the sun just chatting with fellow students. It reminded me that maybe I’ve been too focussed on my work to the detriment of my social life.

In the afternoon I was in the garden knitting bell flower stitch.

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