Not so blue

I was into uni as early as I could gain entry – 8 o’clock and by 10.00 my walls had had their first coat of paint. I had time to have a coffee and chat then paint my frame.

Bit of a long wait but mid afternoon it was time for my frame to be hoisted, firstly an inspection to decide where the chains used for the suspending were to go.

They were threaded through metal beams for stability.

And an hour later it was up. Unfortunately not in the exact place I would like it to be but I’ve been constrained by where the chains can go. Also, having seen everything in place I’ve had a re-think about how to use my space. I think I’ll use the walls as well as the frame. Try out tomorrow!

In the meantime returned home exhausted but ready to knit. Jewel stitch  – I needed an easy one to follow as I was not in the right state of mind to follow anything which demanded more than a second’s concentration. Even so I still made a couple of mistakes.

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