The Tension

The tension is getting to me! Last night was filled with thoughts about installing my netting. Would I be able to put it up? Would it stay up? Would it sag? In between all the worrying I had anxiety dreams – these take the form of me having to catch a bus or a train but there are always too many things to prevent me from doing so; I’m on the wrong platform, I can’t find my bag and other such nonsense.

So unto uni today with my daughter to put up the netting. It took us a couple of hours to get the tension correct but it’s up! I had hoped to hang a few of my daily pieces up but exhaustion overtook me. By 2 o’clock I was lying down in a darkened room having an old fashioned Sunday afternoon siesta.

Later I completed my daily piece which had to be netting stitch.


One thought on “The Tension

  1. Reblogged this on Wendy Powell and commented:
    Take a deep breath, it is all going along swimmingly, your work is fab, the space is wonderful, the colour is fab and it will look amazing.

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