What have I forgotten?

A very strange feeling as today no waking up thinking about all those
last minute touches I have to do to my work.  I’ve a strong feeling that I have forgotten to submit something – a portfolio? a piece of work? my assessment slip? Too late if I have.

A moving morning – moving ‘stuff’ from my living room back into my work room. Over the last few days papers, paints, glue, string and all sorts
of rubbish have accumulated on my table as I frenzied towards
yesterday’s deadline. I can’t say that I’ve tidied anything away but at least I can now see my table top.

Knitted at lunch time as out with my fellow students later today for a well deserved drink. Because I can’t seem to let go of thought of my exhibition it’s another stitch based on the squares of my netting although it’s called checkers.


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