I’ve not blogged for a few days as they have been full. It was delightful to show all my visitors around my degree show, some who I’d not seen for awhile and they were all positive about my work. I left on a high. On Friday I went in to take it down –  it took less than 5 minutes – yes, 5 days to put up and 5 mins to take down. My piece Without a Map was left outside as planned but it disappeared after the weekend. I don’t mind at all as it’s part of my story. 

But no time to feel empty as yesterday was Photomarathon which I’ve entered several times before. As always an exciting, thought provoking and very tiring day. This year there was the added factor of the inclement weather to cope with.

There I was at The Millennium Centre Cardiff on the dot of 9.30, ready to register and be handed the first set of topics at 10 o’clock. So here we go!

As my brolly was going to be with me throughout the day I decided to use it as a running theme for my topics.

My entry number/Celebrate



City Life

At 2 o’clock it was time to collect my next set of topics. I was on target time-wise albeit a little soggy from the rain.

My Favourite Thing

The State We’re In

I wish I’d collected a couple of discarded broken umbrellas I’d seen when I was out and about  earlier in the day. Instead I had to go on a hunt for some more but quickly found two.


I spent a short time making these little paper umbrellas.


The weather forecast for the day proved to be true. I had to go to the library to print the sheet as my printer has decided not to recognise the cheap cartridges I’ve installed.

At 6 o’clock I went to collect the last set of topics – luckily parking charges had stopped so I took the luxury of driving there – feeling pretty tired by this point.

Out of Place


I looked up on-line to find out what time the cemetery closed, 5.30 pm so I’d planned to take this shot at the gates but to my surprise they were open so in I went. I was there about 20 mins only to find I was locked in and my phone left in the car. I walked to another gate – also firmly locked then I spied a lowish wall.  I could climb that and hop over! But to my dismay there was a drop of about 9 feet the other side. I called to a passing man, asking if he had a phone on him. I then asked if he could help me down – quiet rightly he was dubious but fortunately another man came by who was willing to help. I was able to scramble onto the top of the wall by using the thick ivy to gain leverage. I felt very uncomfortable sitting on it with the drop below but the men carefully took my outstretched arms and gently lowered me to the ground. Thank you my knights!


This was the hardest topic for me to think of an image and after my little adventure I was feeling a little shaky  so enlisted the help of my daughter to take this. My brolly was an established part of my day.


Back to the beginning, my brolly stood me in good stead throughout the day.

At 8.30 I’d finished – exhausted – another drive to the Bay to hand in. I’m pleased that I managed to submit a portfolio but by doing so I’ve compromised some of the topics as individual images. 

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