Caerphilly Cultural Olympiads

Last evening I visited Caerphilly Castle for the Cultural Olympiad celebrations . At the start we were welcomed by a troupe of young dancers followed by a samba band. Unfortunately there were no programmes on hand so I’m unable to give much information on the artists taking part. 
We were then split into groups to be given a tour of the castle. I’m not sure what was on the agenda of our guide, an enthusiastic youth dressed as a monk, as he repeatedly shouted ‘Keep up, keep up’ as he led us at breakneck speed passed many of the exhibits in the grounds before entering the Great Hall. It was at this point I abandoned him as I wanted to appreciate the work on show. Here are the wonderful creatures the school children had made and placed in the castle grounds.

In the castle itself were hundreds of sheep. This was a project led by my daughter Gabrielle Jessica Frazer and involved her working with school children; they each made their own sheep then the animals wer placed in herds according to the school their makers came from.

Another project she worked on was the making of gargoyles. They were placed in the many nooks and crannies through the castle.

 I continued my tour and saw more impressive work by school children.

These are images of work produced under the direction of Lucy Lilley who I met when I first moved to Cardiff and who encouraged me on my journey towards starting an art course. The dress is made out of tissue paper whist the trees have ethereal piece of fabric hanging from them – I wish I had more information about the work.

A stunning eagle filled a small room and in the next was a display of stained glass, again produced by children.

A quick glance down onto a performance within the castle walls as I wound up the spiral stairs to the roof.

The two towers each flying the Welsh flag – the sky just darkening.

By the time I came down the rain was well on its way.

Last parting shot as the heavens opened. It was such a shame for the performers who had obviously put hours of preparation into their work but it was too wet and too cold to stand and watch them.

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