This morning I went to a meeting about an exciting new project. The seed was set back in February when I went to a day of Artists’ talks about the exhibition Pairings: A Conversation and here’s a little about the concept.

The idea of linking pairs of disparate artists came about after collaboration between the curators, Alice Kettle, textile artist and potter Alex McErlain, in 2009 at Manchester Metropolitan University. They arranged for artists who had expressed an interest in the project to meet likeminded makers during a ‘speed dating’ evening where each person gave a five minute presentation on their work in order to find a partner to work with. Eventually eighteen couples committed to the idea and began their conversations through e mail, telephone and face-to-face contact. There were no rules as to what the outcome should have been but the results were shown eighteen months later when this touring exhibition brought together some of their dialogues.

At lunch time I was invited by a group of Cardiff Met Uni students to join their table and we agreed it would be great if we could get together and follow the spirit of the exhibition. We’ve all been busy over the last few months but now none of us are at uni  the project has sprung to life.

Today I met the students again and was able to see some stunning workbooks. I was naturally drawn to the textile artists but knew I didn’t want to pair and share with anyone with similar interests as I wouldn’t be challenged enough.

Soon I was chatting to a painter, Amanda, and we decided to work together. We’ve set a date to meet again, in about a month’s time.  Nothing decided at this point other than we’ll wait and see what comes up between the two of us. It’s really fired me up to start a work book – just a jotting down of ideas, thoughts, feelings – anything that catches my eye over the next few weeks will go in. 

I’m so looking forward to this and know I’m going to learn a great deal!

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