Thinking about Sharings

I feel I need to get a grip on this new project. On one hand I know there is absolutely no pressure being put on me by my partner Amanda to produce anything but I’ve been so used to working at speed over the last weeks up to my degree show I’m finding it difficult to slow down. I’m also used to operating in a concept lead manner so am panicking a little as to what I’m going to come up with – what is going in my work book?

I’ve chosen to use one I made a while ago and so far have stuck in the Medusa postcard I received the other day plus a beautiful card painted by a friend of mine. She has such a wonderful sense of space and delicate touch.

I keep lots of little notebooks, full of ‘to-do’ lists, recipes, idle thoughts, website addresses, shopping lists etc. These are all jumbled up, not  in any date or subject order as I have several on the go at the same time. I came across some jottings I’d made  but unfortunately omitted to credit the author.  Hopefully these words will be the push I need to get on with some work.

Remember not to hoard found objects

What am I doing NOT using them in my work?

By allowing myself to use the best objects good work will come out of it.

Don’t keep waiting to use the objects as they will never get used.

Use my favourite things.

Am I  doing what I love?

All the magical things that happen along the way are just as important as what comes out of it.

So I’m going to stick the page into my book and see where that takes me.

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