First Sharings Discussion

Amanda and I met at Chapter Arts Centre to discuss our collaborative work. 

I took my workbook with me and sheepishly handed it over for her to have a look at what little work I’ve done in it. But I was gratified to discover that she too hasn’t been able to fill many pages in her book due to other commitments.

It was very interesting to get to know Amanda as I knew nothing about her. She started as a 3D artist several years ago but now concentrates on painting in acrylics. I was pleased to discover that she doesn’t do ‘pretty, pretty’ but distresses her canvases before, during and after painting. We have planned a meeting in a month’s time to explore the foreshore in Cardiff as we both love the industrial part of the city and the docks. I’m very excited about this day as sure I’ll be able to find many things to fire my imagination.

We both agreed that we could work on each other’s book as we seem fit but at the moment I’ve no ideas.

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