A walk as seen through a child’s eyes

Over the summer I’ve been looking after my 4 year old grandson and the other day I was at a loss as to what to do with him so we ‘just went out’. I’d no idea where we were going so we walked down a road I’d not been along before. I was soon told in a very excited fashion that the railway line was at the bottom of it and, sure enough, it was. As usual I had my camera with me and started to take images.

Lovely bit of rust on the kissing gate but soon I was urged to take a photo of the railway lines. Not some thing that interests me so I decided to hand my camera over to my grandson and have him record our adventure.

After the lines a picture of the funny gate we had to go through.

Along the road – more lines.

‘Look at the yellow stones Granny!’

Then it was the lights on the cars which captured his imagination.

I suppose when you are on a level with them they look far more intriguing.

Then we turned into Westcliff and walked along the open road.

A view of the golf course.


‘I like the shadows’ he explained.

‘I like the blue writing’ he told me.

Definitely something I would have passed by but no, it had to be photographed.

After lots of trees he looked on the ground and saw the ‘grandmother, grandmother pop out of bed’ flowers.

A twizzle around as he took the images.

He was usually behind me snapping away.

‘A train, a train!’

‘Take one of me Granny!’

More train tracks.

The biggest leaf you’ve ever seen.

We’d been black berry picking earlier in the week but these weren’t quiet ready yet.

Where does this lead to?

Oh dear! As he was looking at the blackberries two huge dogs bounded up to him – they were bigger then he was. He ran with all his might towards me and the dogs raced after him. Poor mite was frightened out of his skin but they were just wanting a play. Eventually he was brave enough to take a photo but it looks as of he was still shaking.

Up or down?

Of course it had to down to the railway lines.

Over the bridge.

Where he saw a big ship with a crane on it.

On the beach at Seasalter walking back to Whitstable.

But the rain was approaching fast.

We had to hurry home, no time for more photos and we were caught in the rain.


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