The 2 o’clock Project

I’ve been looking for a daily task for several weeks and today I hit on one by accident. I’ve started a short course at Cardiff University entitled The Art and Ritual of Journal Writing and we have been discussing themed journals. I decided to write a ‘snapshot’ of what I’m doing at 2 o’clock each day and the following will explain why.

Monday 15th October 2012

Have been tasked with making a list of the different types of themed journals. One of them is to mark the moment and that’s just what I’m doing now. The room is quiet. Everyone else seems to be very intent on what they are writing but I feel a fraud as all I’m doing is noting what they are doing.

Outside the voices of workmen, can detect the Welsh lilt but not the words. The wind, seems to be perpetually blowing around the building. The slight click, tap of the keys as someone is typing. I’m just looking around wondering what to write. The town hall clock strikes 2. We are called to order.


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