Friday 19th October 2012


Sitting in my work room, on a dining chair, listening to boogie woogie music – reminds me of the 1920s murder mystery party I had years ago as I made up a playlist for it, this track included. Making a card for Glynda’s birthday – I wanted to change my colour palette but it’s still coming out blues and purples. Waiting for the Tyvek to dry before I can go further. Slight smell of burning lingering in the air as I’ve just used the soldering iron to shape the material. Outside hammering from the workmen making repairs in the pavement to some utility. A man playing with his dog on the rec, throwing it a ball using one of those scoop ball throwers, otherwise the playing fields are empty. Cars going by but overall quiet. Weak sunshine is bringing out the colour on the trees. The beech trees opposite are just turning yellow. Some leaves are lying on the ground, the darker brown ones, in a soggy mess.



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