Sunday 21st October 2012


I’m in the kitchen making a cup of tea. I’d not been aware of the time. The time signal pips on the radio alerts me it’s 2 o’clock and I must note what I’m doing, what’s going on around me. The kettle is coming up to the boil, making a great deal of noise, low hissings and rumblings. I can see my distorted reflection in the curved stainless steel sides. Reminds me of when I was a child looking at myself in the concave and convex sides of a dessert spoon during the interminable Sunday dinners. Were they dragged out as there was never anything other to do on that day? There is the slight smell of the Earl Grey tea bag, waiting for the boiling water, lying in the bottom of the mug decorated with a swallow. I see some toast crumbs on the work counter which has escaped my cleaning up earlier in the day.

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