We are discussing our homework in journalling class. As usual I feel totally inadequate as I’ve mis-read the brief. Others really wrote in depth about their experiences – we had to write lists and here is mine about the journeys I made in the week to/from my house. 

Walked back from class – the rain held off and I finished my journey in warm sunshine.

Drove to my daughter’s to do my washing. I’ll be able to replace my washing machine once she’s paid back the £500 she owes me.

Drove to Sainsbury’s for fuel and groceries. How I hate buying fuel because of the price and the smell.

Walked with my daughter along Albany Road and Wellfield Road to buy a Welsh postcard to send to a school in the USA. In spite of being in the capital of Wales we couldn’t find one depicting the Welsh Dragon.

Drove to J’s with the grandchildren to have a Halloween day. Drove home by myself thinking about the fun we’d had along the street trick or treating. The neighbours entered into the spirit of the evening.

Walked to the post office to buy a Welsh stamp to send the postcard to the USA, 87p.

Drove to J’s to look after all three grandchildren for the day. Drove home by myself. A lovely, lovely day with A & E playing together & M on her own with all the dolls.

Drove to Tredegar House for book making class. I really enjoy these days of crafting, informal talk and eating chips from the chip shop at lunchtime.

Walked to meet Farah for coffee at Coffee #1. We spent a couple of hours catching up with our lives.

Walked to Albany Road to do shopping. A mundane task but punctuated with encounters with acquaintances to say ‘hello’ to or even a five-ten minutes conversation.  


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