Since finishing my degree I’ve done no creative work. I’ve been busy making Christmas presents but nothing in the ‘fine art’ bracket.  I’ve visited a couple of exhibitions but haven’t bothered to write them up on my blog; something I really enjoyed doing whilst at uni. I feel I’ve lost my mojo. My 2 o’clock project  (where I capture in a few sentences about what I’m doing at 2 o’clock each day) is enjoyable but isn’t fulfilling me in the same manner.  Hopefully today I’ve stepped back onto the path of both creating and blogging in more depth. I met a friend this afternoon – we’d planned to see the Artes Mundi exhibition but it was too beautiful a day to walk round the darkened rooms of the art gallery so we headed off to Bute Park. Autumn just cries out to be photographed and for once I didn’t have my camera with me; but I had my phone. I’ve only used it for taking quick snaps of the grandchildren so wasn’t too sure of the quality. However when I passed by the Welsh School of Music and Drama I had to record what I was hearing. It was magical, the sounds of a woman singing mingled with the bird song. I crunched my way through leaves in order to capture the sounds better. Such a shame I can’t post my little video here – here are my other images.

I was taken with the huge gunnera leaves then gossip between my friend and I overtook our walk so my phone went back into my pocket.

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