2013 Project

For months I’ve had a booklet next to my bed – to be read at some time and yesterday was that time. It’s Photography – a Guardian Masterclass and I’ve been motivated to start another recording of my day. Not through knitting as I did last year but through photography. I know it’s been done many times before – a photograph per day but that hasn’t deterred me. By doing so I want to sharpen my observational skills, improve my technique and give myself a task which will focus (no pun intended) my day. I’ve thought what boundaries I could impose but have decided not to give myself any. I may take all day finding the image or I may take just a few minutes. The only stipulation is that I must, I must, take one each and everyday regardless as to what else is on my agenda.

As today is the first sunny one we’ve had for weeks I was compelled to go outside – nowhere exotic or exciting – just into my back garden – to really look to see what was about. Once I started I was overwhelmed by photographic opportunities and was soon snapping away.

BUT the task is one and only one image a day and I don’t want to have hundreds stored on my laptop. Already I’m experiencing the difficulty of hitting that delete button and this is day 1! When I took my photography module at uni we were encouraged to take, take, take images. This has meant I’ve over a thousand stored. I want to get out of this lazy habit which leads to thinking ‘Well, one good one must come out of that lot.’ Instead I want to concentrate and be mindful – to think to myself ‘Why is this one worthy of being my image of the day?’

I am now down to two images and can’t decide which to use. Part of me thinks that I could cheat and use one tomorrow – well, not the actual image but the subject. But there is enough around for me not to have to do that. I want to be true to myself as honesty is part of the project.


In the end I’ve chosen these thumb pots made by my daughter. She made them as testers whilst at uni and I have them in a container in which is a willow tree grown from a twig given to me by my other daughter many Christmases ago. So I’m reminded of both of them along with the recollection of seeing terracotta pots stacked high as can be in India. Not to forget the remnants of the rain we’ve been having over the last few weeks.


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