The rain has returned so I’m in-doors catching up with reading. A friend gave me some old copies of Cloth Paper Scissors but most of the articles are too prescriptive for me but I was fascinated by one written by Seth Apter on the Disintegration Project. Although the collaborative one has long since finished I decided to investigate further. There are several blogs describing the process but basically you make up a bundle of fabric/paper/ ephemera/ – well anything you wish to put in – then tie it up, hang or lay it outside and wait for the elements to take their toll. I thought it would be good subject matter for my 2013 project so have made up my bundle. And what did I put in it? Some of the stuff I threw out yesterday – the rubbish from my small wooden boxes.  Here it is hanging on my honeysuckle and I’ll unwrap it at Easter. P1020363

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  1. I am so happy that you came across this project and have decided to make a bundle to place in the elements. So many artists took part in the original project and the outcome was both fascinating and inspiring. Hope we get to see “after” pictures on your blog!

    • Thanks Seth for taking time to comment. I’ll have a different attitude to inclement weather now – knowing that my bundles (yes, I’ve made another) will be transforming. I’ll be posting up dates over the next few months.

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