All day I’ve been mindful that I need to take a photo but nothing captured my eye. Then I settled down to listen to a radio play, Ruth by Elizabeth Gaskell and poured myself an aperitif  and there was my image for today! I love sipping a little sweetness from the tiny Victorian port glass – or maybe it was intended for  madeira or sherry.

The story of Ruth is particularly poignant as it’s about a woman who was abandoned by a weak man after he’d taken his delight with her – leaving her pregnant.   I’ve no idea what the circumstances were for my great, great, grandmother but she too was left to bring up an illegitimate child.   Thankfully she had the support of my great, great, great grandmother as they lived in the same house for many years; three generations of the Petch female family, Elizabeth Petch, Sarah Petch and Eliza Ann petch

I rarely use flash but on this occasion I have for two reasons: it’s given a sparkle to the glass and has cast a shadow so giving importance to the vessel.

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