Back on track

I enjoy writing my blog – it’s a place where I can keep my thoughts and images together – for my own use more than for others but of course if others wish to look I welcome them.

For some reason – and  this I’ll have to think on or maybe I’ll just accept the fact – I’ve not blogged for nearly three months. That means recordings of exhibitions I’ve seen and work I have created haven’t been documented. Is it important for me to do so? As I am starting my MA Contemporary Dialogues Textiles at Swansea Met in September I think it is. It will help me clarify my thoughts and be a place where I can keep my ‘stuff’ such as research that I don’t want to cut & paste into my workbook.

The first step is to catch up on my contextual studies. I’m aware my background is from a fine art perspective, I know little about textiles so on the recommendation of my future tutor will read The Textile Reader edited by Jessica Hemmings. I’ve ordered it so hopefully it should be delivered over the next few days. My plan is to read through it slowly and making notes on each entry as I do so…………

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