Reflective Textile – Philip Beesley

Today I sat in the garden and read a chapter from my textile reader which arrived the other day.

Philip Beesley is the first author I’ve looked at. He talks of hylozoism which, very basically, is a philosophical theory which states everything is alive. His  Hylozoic Series: Sibyl, 2012 was shown at the 18th Biennale of Sydney (2012) at Cockatoo Island and the interactive computerised installation involved smells as well as visual  and moving parts.


Image from the New Scientist website.

This is just my cup of tea. A work that I can walk in – see it from many different angles.

But in the chapter in the book Beesley discusses his outdoor work using large scale nets which are spread out to echo the topography of the ground they are laid over. Some of these nets are constructed from sticks, others are used to capture detritus with the hope vegetation will grow or decay. He likens these geotextile projects to the boundaries of the psyche and it is at this part of the article I need to re-read as I’ve not grasped the concept.

Beesley collaborated with Warren Seelig who has also produced work ( as shown in this image from his website) which I’m very much drawn to. The shadows, the movement….


Another artist he worked with is Katherine Gray. She made the phials for Beesely’s work.

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