Tapestry and Identity in Australia – cont.

As I thought It’s going to take me awhile before I start to read the essay as I’ve so many artists to find out about – 24 in total and I reckon I can research about three in one sitting – that’s 8 sessions! Better get on with it……..

Diana Wood Conroy, Sara Lindsay, Liz Nettleton, Margaret Grafton, Mona Hessing, Ian Arcus, Tom Moore, Mary and Larry Beeston, Lise Cruickshank, Cresside Collette, Merrill Dumbrell, Joy Smith, Cheryl Thornton, Kate Derum, Catherine Hoffman, Elaine Gardner, Pru la Motte, Gary Benson, Marie Patrick, Sue Rosenthal, Lucia Pichler.

What must I do now? Woven tapestry in wool, silk and cotton. Handspun wool and alpaca by Elizabeth Kalucy. 60cm x 180cm, 2013. Diana Wood Conroy

Among the bones, music, wool and linen tapestry fragment, 20cm x 20cm, 1998-2012 Both these images come from Diana Wood Conroy’s website and the catalogue for the exhibition Breathing Space is here Breathing_Space_Catalogue2

Parampara Sara Lindsay

There doesn’t seem to be much information about Sara Lindsay so I was very pleased to come across Debbie Herd’s website where she has a review of Serendip an exhibition in 2008. There is also a short article on the American Alliance Tapestry website.

Liz Nettleton – Floor rug

Again there are very few images or articles about Liz’s work. I could spend more hours trawling through website but as tapestry isn’t one of my favourite textile media I’ll use my time to a better use.

A gem of a website – Craft – not be confused with the British one of the same name this one is Australian and has interesting videos of artists talks etc as well as the back catalogue of some of the exhibitions in the gallery in Melbourne.



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