The next three……..

Or maybe I’ll be able to work through more artists today. Here are the remainder; Margaret Grafton, Mona Hessing, Ian Arcus, Tom Moore, Mary and Larry Beeston, Lise Cruickshank, Cresside Collette, Merrill Dumbrell, Joy Smith, Cheryl Thornton, Kate Derum, Catherine Hoffman, Elaine Gardner, Pru la Motte, Gary Benson, Marie Patrick, Sue Rosenthal, Lucia Pichler.

Firstly Margaret Gratton. What luck! I’ve come across a great website which sums up her work.

Margaret Grafton, 'The Third Day', 2003. Metal weaving: Copper, aluminium, polyester cord, 120 x 120cm.                       

The Third Day, 2003                                     Untitled, 2004                            Stringy Bark, 2004

Copper, aluminium, polyester cord                 Copper, plastic                          Aluminium, copper, plastic coated wire

120 x 120cm                                                    800 x 550cm                             detail


Mona Hessing  Untitled 1976

An interview with Mona Hessing interviewed by Hazel de Berg in the Hazel de Berg collection where she talks about her life and practise.

“I ad lib everything ……. I work out roughly what I what ….. I allow the materials I am using to dictate the pace of what i want …. to be aware of constant change …. keeping in touch with the total…. the behaviour of material… it telling you what it wants to do……….. I like to spend a lot of time alone.” This lady is quite happy making the last statement – she’s not apologetic but sees her need for solitude to be a bonus to her work. I take comfort from her words as all too easily I escape into my own bubble – but with a slight unease that I shouldn’t. Mona speaks with such a gentle voice – the rhythm of her father’s Scottish accent coming through as she uses the H in why, where, when, what ……… most people ignore the H – me included in spite of my father also pronouncing the letter.

Ian Arcus – unfortunately I’ve not been able to find any images of his work, just a catalogue entry  for the exhibition Walls and Pathways written by Diane Wood Conroy.

And that is my lot for the day – meetings with builders about my new kitchen will fill up the rest of my time.


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